Swedish Pony Championship

A different weekend in Sundsvall. 

Switching plaits for cables, helmet for headset and reins for a microphone I headed north to produce some web-tv.

Highlight of the weekend was interesting discussions with these two gentlemans. Jens – the visionary with huge knowledge and ideas who spread the way for Thomas – the positive businessman with goals and clear leadership.

Jens Fredricsson
Thomas Fasteus

One day at a one day

What does a normal competition day looks like? A question that often pops up but can be tricky to answer. The other week I was away one my own at a one-day event and thought I could try to recreate my day.

04.45 Wakey wakey

05.10 Riding out

06.25 Back at the yard and starts bathing the horse. Followed by some mucking out and preparations.

07.30 Behind the wheels of my lorry with large cup of coffee.

09.13 Arrives at the event, time to walk the XC. Starts at fence 14 and work my way around the course.

10.37 Entertaining myself with some games while waiting for time to go faster. Company from uncle Wills dogs who decided to move over to my lorry.

11.42 Always a mission finding the right steward, arena and who to follow at the dressage.

12.52 Struggling to understand the running order in the SJ. After having “only 4 in front of you” for 25 min are we finally allowed into the ring.

13.46 Highfive moment with Line who canters over the finishline at the same time I’m entering the startbox.

14.08 Trying to hold, wash off, walk and take studs out all at the same time.  Moments when you wish you where an octopus.

15.11 Catching up coffee with Wiegersmas.

15.43 On my way back to the lorry when I bump in to a friend and the next minute I find myself in the warm up doing jumps and shouting last minute advices.

16.19 Gets 10 min down the road before I hit traffic.

17.33 Stuck in more traffic. Everyone is heading to the beach on sunny Saturdays.

18.24 Finally back home! Quickly throw pony out in the field before I start the yard.

19.19 Unpacking and washing off the lorry. Interrupted by a Facetime call from Sweden asking if I survived the day.

20.40 Time to do the evening yard.

21.21 Stumbling through my door. Can’t wait to get the white breeches off and jump in the shower.

IMG_0631 IMG_0630